I help women express themselves through their own personal style. 

The ideal wardrobe is waiting for you.  It would like to show you how fun it can be to get dressed again, that an article of clothing doesn’t have to be the source of angst or dismay, that it can be used for you to reveal what’s on the inside by determining what is said best on the outside.

In order to do this, I have developed different ways of working with me. Please contact me at: josi@josiseverson.com or call 612-708-7696 to schedule a free 45 min consultation phone call.

1. Clean out your closet:

It’s said that we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time.  

We want a wardrobe that works for us by highlighting pieces that make getting dressed easier while eliminating what’s just taking up space. 

Why this is Important:

CALM your mind by CLEANING out your closet. We all need to declutter, restructure, & simplify our lives.  Taking the time to do it can feel like the ultimate luxury however by investing in a few hours today it can save you hundreds of hours (and dollars) later.  During this process we will see what’s taking up unnecessary space & valuable time in your morning routine or while getting ready to go out at night. 

2. Define your Style:

Everyone has their own personal style that reflects who you are & your way of life.

This is about owning WHO YOU ARE & who you want to SHOW UP as: yourself

Why this is important:

Highlighting who YOU ARE INSIDE so the rest of the world can SEE IT.  On an everyday basis we reveal ourselves to the people around us. We are regularly communicating with others without saying a word; clothing is one way we are able to convey who we are to others, showing up while being ourselves. 

3. Build your Wardrobe:

Building a foundation for your wardrobe through defining pieces that will look how you want to feel, happy & at ease with what yourself & what you’re wearing.

Why this is important: 

Clothing affects HOW WE FEEL, which inspires our moods.  When we become aware of how it influences our self- confidence & state of mind, we can notice in the long term benefits for making shopping choices that will bring out the best in you while creating less stress because anticipating what’s ahead in our lives in a way that helps understand what essentials we need in everyday situations.

This is about setting the time aside to focus on what you need to feel like your best self. Your clothing is like a microphone to the outside world. This will help you find your voice.

Contact me today and we can discuss if this is the right program for you. My mission is to help women feel better about themselves; if we are a good fit to work together I will gladly help you do that.