The Idea

Make getting dressed simple and easy by filling your closet (and suitcase) with pieces that you love to wear, items that make you feel like your best self.

Self expression comes in many forms including our personal style. Clothing is one way to not only create your own look but also present yourself to the world being the person that you are inherently.

I make clothing that I want to wear. That makes getting dressed easy- comfortable yet with a flattering fit, in prints that are reflective of what I look for in my own life- fun, easy going, and light hearted. A dress that takes you from day to night!

Simplify your Packing

This will be the item of clothing you don’t want to leave at home. It will be dependable and if you’re staying in your own backyard, you can wear it to the coffee shop or out for a dinner date or drinks with friends.

Don’t forgo looking good for space in your suitcase- you can have both! Room for that extra pair of shoes or unexpected gift you purchased on your travels.

In any case, wherever your new favorite is worn, it will mean choosing something that will make you happy, because no one needs another piece of clothing that’s just going to hang in your closet :).

Style & Quality



Sophisticated yet simple.

All designs are drawn by hand by Josi and original to this line of clothing.

Neckline, cuffs, and hem are reinforced in contrasting fabric for added detail and structure.

100% soft organic cotton that feels just as good on your skin as it does for the environment.

“When I wear your clothes I feel pretty.” “Your prints have a namaste vibe to them.” “I wear it all the time.” “I had five people ask me where I got my dress.” “It’s perfect for travel; I can wear it anywhere.”